About Us

Our Leadership

Our Leadership team consists of volunteers with one purpose, to be of service to others and to God. All that we do to advance our mission will be saturated in prayer and vetted against our Core Values and Guiding Principles to serve our purpose of helping others recover.
We are a 501c3 Non-Profit Corporation. Our organization will operate under the direction and care of our Board of Directors and Ministry President.

Our Homes

The mission of our facilities is support through 12 step recovery, structure through rules and accountability and love through the Lord. At our Homes, we walk alongside one another to encourage, motivate and support as we all learn how to live life differently. Our homes have 24 hour a day accountability and management. Our key leadership and Board of Directors are hands on and are deeply invested in the success of the individuals we serve. They leverage their own relationships with God and resources in our community to speak life into and create opportunity in the lives of our residents. Every individual that enters our Homes will be given a level of support far beyond that of shelter. We believe in those we serve, and we show that through our investment in them.