Surr’enity House Rules and Regulations

1. “Don’t Pick Up, Go to Meetings” is our theme – Our primary purpose is to stay clean and sober. We do this at all costs. The idea that we can use or drink successfully has to be smashed from our minds.

a. All residents must attend meetings, NO EXCEPTIONS!
b. 1-90 days sober: must complete a 90/90
c. After 90 days sober you must attend at least 4 meetings per week
d. You must obtain a sponsor and home group
e. House meetings are mandatory subject to the house manager’s discretion

2. Remain Clean and Sober

a. Residents will be drug tested randomly
b. Once asked to submit a urine, the resident must remain in the presence of the house manager and will be given 15 minutes to provide a urine
c. Refusal to take the test will result in immediate termination
d. If you are terminated for refusing or failing a drug test, there will be NO second chances
e. Failure to disclose if another resident has relapsed or broken any house rule is subject to immediate termination
f. Abuse of prescription medication will not be tolerated and is grounds for termination
g. All prescription medications must be disclosed to owner prior to moving in
h. Please see the list of medications approved for residents, If you require a medication that is not permitted , you will need to find another, more appropriate living arrangement
i. No vitamins, energy pills, herbal supplements, minerals, over the counter medications, are permitted without prior approval
j. No synthetic drugs of any type will be permitted, possession will result in immediate termination
k. No mouthwash or toothpaste with alcohol listed as the first two (active or inactive) ingredients will be permitted in the house. It can cause you to test positive on a breathalyzer and will be grounds for termination
l. If you are terminated for any reason, you must make arrangements with the house manager to pick up your belongings within 7 days. Items not picked up will be donated to charity

3. Be a productive member of Society

a. Within two weeks of moving in, all residents must secure employment, outpatient, school or community service totaling at least 20 hours per week.
b. Hanging out at the house all day will not be tolerated
c. Drug dealing, weapons trafficking and gambling are not acceptable occupations
d. All residents should be fully self supporting

4. Live clean

a. Be respectful to all other residents, house manager and owner
b. No weapons, fighting, threats of violence or stealing will be tolerated
c. Breaking any law will result in immediate termination
d. Complete chores, as assigned by the house manager, as needed
e. Wash your own dishes after using them, do NOT leave dishes in the sink or food on the counters
f. Rooms will be kept clean and orderly
g. Beds must be made upon waking
h. NO smoking, incense or candles are permitted in the house
i. Residents are not permitted to move furniture in and out of room
j. Please report broken items to management
k. Cars must be approved by the owner

5. Respect Anonymity

a. NO information should be released over the phone concerning other residents, including confirmation of residency
b. No current resident should discuss any aspects of the house with former residents
c. Do not reveal the door code to anyone

6. Be Accountable

a. Overnights will be permitted after 30 days of residency
b. One overnight and one weekend pass will be given monthly
c. If the overnights are not used, they will not rollover to the next month
d. All overnights and weekend passes must be approved by the house manager at least one day in advance
e. Visitors are permitted from 10 am to 10pm
f. All visitors must be clean and sober
g. A total of 3 visitors are permitted in the house at one time (exceptions can be made if approved by the house manager or owner prior to visitation)
h. Visitors must remain on the first floor only. Bathroom can be used in the basement
i. Children are encouraged to visit parents, please let the house manager, owner and other residents know ahead of time, as to respect your time with your family

7. Be responsible

a. Rent is due on the 1st of every month
b. Rent can be paid by cash or money order
c. A $10 late fee will be added for each day the rent is late
d. If rent is not paid by the 5th, the resident will be terminated
e. It is your responsibility to know and abide by the rules
f. “I didn’t know” or pleading ignorance are not acceptable

Any Violation of the recovery tasks is grounds for termination; however, all violations will be reviewed by owner on a case by case basis.