How it Works

At a Glance

  • Currently located in Downtown Bradford, PA within walking distance of most meetings, grocery, and laundry locations.
  • Close to Laundromat
  • Walking distance from supermarket
  • 12-Step meetings within walking distance 5 nights of the week
  • Consistent oversight of operations, progress, and commitment to recovery
  • Maximum of eight residents


When individuals are accepted into our Homes, they are being offered a program of recovery that includes accountability, support, structure and love. Each resident will have a unique opportunity to walk alongside others that have an honest desire for a new way of life. The foundation of our recovery process is based on 12 step values, which we feel is an accurate reflection of God’s Will for our lives. The rules and regulations of our Homes are meant to provide the structure and accountability we all need for a successful and sustainable recovery. Each resident will have assistance and support in securing gainful employment if they are not currently working. We will not turn anyone away that is accepted into our program due to the inability to pay. Our team works with each resident on a case by case basis to begin paying their fair share of our program fee until employment opportunities have been secured.  Our monthly program fee of $400 includes a shared room and all utilities in a beautiful, furnished home, conveniently located in a safe neighborhood with access to all needed amenities of daily living, including walking distance from meetings 5 days a week. The purpose of our program fee is to develop a solvent program, paid for by the residents it is being provided to. We feel that this “responsibility” of our residents directly reflects 12 step values.